Hugo Sadok
  • Ph.D. Candidate

  • Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Office: 5113 Gates & Hillman Centers

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at CMU and a member of the SNAP Lab. My research interests lie at the intersection of computer networks and computer systems. I am grateful to have Prof. Justine Sherry as my advisor and also have the pleasure of working closely with Prof. Aurojit Panda. Before joining CMU, I earned a BS in Electronic and Computer Engineering and an MS in Electrical Engineering, both from UFRJ.

Latest Updates

  • BBQ accepted to NSDI ’24! December 2023.
  • Our paper on systems evaluation with heterogeneous hardware was accepted to HotNets ’23! September 2023.
  • Ensō received best paper and distinguished artifact awards at OSDI ’23! July 2023.
  • Ensō accepted to OSDI ’23! March 2023.
  • SurgeProtector accepted to SIGCOMM ’22! May 2022.
  • KOPI accepted to HotOS ’21! April 2021.



BBQ: A Fast and Scalable Integer Priority Queue for Hardware Packet Scheduling
NSDI 2024
Nirav Atre, Hugo Sadok, Justine Sherry
Of Apples and Oranges: Fair Comparisons in Heterogenous Systems Evaluation
HotNets 2023
Hugo Sadok, Aurojit Panda, Justine Sherry
Ensō: A Streaming Interface for NIC-Application Communication
OSDI 2023
Hugo Sadok, Nirav Atre, Zhipeng Zhao, Daniel S. Berger, James C. Hoe, Aurojit Panda, Justine Sherry, Ren Wang
bib code docs paper slides video (press: scs) Best Paper Distinguished Artifact
Automatic Generation of Network Function Accelerators Using Component-Based Synthesis
SOSR 2022
Francisco Pereira, Gonçalo Matos, Hugo Sadok, Daehyeok Kim, Ruben Martins, Justine Sherry, Fernando Ramos, Luis Pedrosa
SurgeProtector: Mitigating Temporal Algorithmic Complexity Attacks using Adversarial Scheduling
Nirav Atre, Hugo Sadok, Erica Chiang, Weina Wang, Justine Sherry
bib code paper video (press: cylab)
We Need Kernel Interposition over the Network Dataplane
HotOS 2021
Hugo Sadok, Zhipeng Zhao, Valerie Choung, Nirav Atre, Daniel S. Berger, James C. Hoe, Aurojit Panda, Justine Sherry
Don't Yank My Chain: Auditable NF Service Chaining
NSDI 2021
Guyue Liu, Hugo Sadok, Anne Kohlbrenner, Bryan Parno, Vyas Sekar, Justine Sherry
Achieving 100Gbps Intrusion Prevention on a Single Server
OSDI 2020
Zhipeng Zhao, Hugo Sadok, Nirav Atre, James C. Hoe, Vyas Sekar, Justine Sherry
A Case for Spraying Packets in Software Middleboxes
HotNets 2018
Hugo Sadok, Miguel Elias M. Campista, Luís Henrique M. K. Costa


Stateful DRF: Considering the Past in a Multi-Resource Allocation
IEEE Transactions on Computers 2021
Hugo Sadok, Miguel Elias M. Campista, Luís Henrique M. K. Costa
Building an IaaS Cloud with Droplets: a Collaborative Experience with OpenStack
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 2018
Rodrigo S. Couto, Hugo Sadok, Pedro Cruz, Felipe F. Silva, Tatiana Sciammarella, Miguel Elias M. Campista, Luís Henrique M. K. Costa, Pedro B. Velloso, Marcelo G. Rubinstein